26 April 2010

Lovely ornaments from Sydney and London 

Recently I've got lovely ornaments from my friends !
How cute they are!!

Wow... I love this wonderful mixture of vivid colors..!!
Thank you so much, Noju !!
I really want to visit you and go to "padinton market" to get some nice aborigine arts !    

This cute "llama" and I @ Machu pichu...I muse over precious memories for a moment.. Oh my  school  days..                                                                       Pink luckey butterfly and warm purple elephant protect my special friends from unlucky incidents !  Even though we can't meet in second, you guys are always in my heart...                                          
Natsuki ! I admire your "sense of discovery" for humorous cute stuffs. 
ThankX and Good luck for your next FUMI.
I'm looking forward to seeing you in Japan !!

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